Who We Are

Quality Control for Molecular Diagnostics (QCMD) is an independent International External Quality Assessment (EQA) / Proficiency Testing (PT) organisation. QCMD provides a wide-ranging quality assessment service primarily focused on molecular infectious disease diagnostics to over 2000 participants in over 120 countries. Read More

QCMD is dedicated to advancing the quality of molecular diagnostics through External Quality Assessment (EQA), Proficiency Testing (PT) and other supporting quality initiatives. Learn More

How It Works

A registered laboratory is provided with a series of samples that are designed to resemble clinically significant specimens and/or assess specific analytical assay characteristics. The laboratory is required to test these samples using its routine assay and standard procedures as well as completing questions regarding the laboratory set-up, assay method and procedures. The results from the laboratory testing are reported back to QCMD on-line.

Following closure of the EQA participant testing period, participating laboratories are provided with an individual report which provides further details of overall performance for all participants in the EQA and performance against other laboratories in their assessment group. Specific regional reports are also provided to participating national quality organisations where appropriate. Learn More

Quality Is Important

As an International EQA organisation quality is extremely important and QCMD is committed to providing a professional participant focused EQA service. QCMD is accredited to ISO 17043. Further, the EQA schemes that QCMD provides are conducted in accordance with a strict Code of Practice. QCMD’s quality systems further ensure that it is compliant with the key elements of ISO 17025. In addition, the materials used within the EQA schemes are also manufactured to ISO 13485.

QCMD EQA schemes support laboratory regulatory requirements under ISO 15189 or equivalent. New EQA schemes are introduced annually as EQA Pilot studies. Successful pilots become full EQA schemes and, where appropriate, will be recommended for UKAS accreditation under ISO 17043.

A full list of accredited schemes can be found in the QCMD catalogue or on the UKAS website.