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About EQA

Aims, intended use and objectives of the EQA programmes
The aim of QCMD EQA programmes is to assess a laboratory's ability to use molecular diagnostic technologies within the clinical setting. This is achieved by providing the laboratory with a series of samples that resemble clinically significant specimens. The laboratory is required to test these samples using standard procedures and report the results back to QCMD. This assessment process helps with the identification of best practice approaches.
The general objectives of QCMD and its EQA programmes are to:
  • Provide EQA programmes for the most clinically relevant targets detectable by molecular technologies.
  • Provide a measure of general laboratory performance within these clinical areas.
  • Provide information, upon request, for the monitoring of laboratory performance to appropriate authorities and, if required, individual laboratories
  • Provide feedback and continuous education within the area of molecular EQA
  • Develop pilot EQA studies either directly or in conjunction with other EQA providers and/ or recognised scientific experts for developing molecular targets and technologies.
  • Provide information to support the laboratory's regulatory requirements and support the laboratory's clinical accreditation process.
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