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COVID-19 Notice

COVID-19 QCMD Notice to Our EQA/PT Participants and Interested Parties

Updated: 23rd March 2020

In addition to the special announcement of our upcoming Coronavirus Outbreak Preparedness EQA Pilot Study, we want to reassure you that QCMD continues to operate and to support you through these challenging times.

We are aware that the current coronavirus outbreak is making it difficult for laboratories worldwide to meet EQA/PT deadlines or to participate in EQA/PT schemes due to several reasons, which would be necessary to maintain quality assured testing. In order to help alleviate the concerns of impacted laboratories, QCMD has taken action by extending the EQA/PT results return deadlines of active schemes or by rescheduling the EQA/PT distribution dates of future schemes. Participants have been already informed by email regarding the changes to the QCMD EQA/PT schedule of affected programmes. We are continuously evaluating the global situation and its impacts, and will contact you further with any changes if necessary.

Please be assured that we are committed to support you and your laboratory in these times. We have taken the necessary measures for our staff and infrastructure, to remain active and maintain our full EQA services for all our participants worldwide. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us via the online ‘Contact Us’ form in ITEMS or on our website. We thank you for your continued support and we hope that the current situation improves soon.


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