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Kısaltmalar ve Tanımlar

Aşağıdaki tablo, QCMD Dış Kalite Değerlendirme (DKD) programlarında sık kullanılan kısaltma ve tanımları içermektedir.
Glossary sections : A - C / D - P / Q - Z
DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT Set of processes that transforms requirements into specified characteristics and into the specification of the product realisation process.
DESIGN REVIEW A formal documented, comprehensive and systematic examination of a design to evaluate the design requirements and the capability of the design to meet these requirements and to identify problems and propose solutions.
EC4 European Communities Confederation of Clinical Chemistry
EN European Normalisation (the number for European standards)
EN HD European Harmonised Directive
EQA External Quality Assessment
ESCMID European Society Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
ESCV European Society for Clinical Virology
EVALUATION The systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of a contractor's Quality Management System.
FAILURE The termination of the ability of an item to perform a required function.
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IQA Institute of Quality Assurance
IQC Internal Quality Control
ISO International Organisation for Standardisation
IT Information Technology
JCTLM Joint Committee on Traceability in Laboratory Medicine
LOD Lower Limit of detection
LOQ Lower Limit of Quantification
MANUFACTURER The natural or legal person with responsibility for the design, manufacture, packaging and labelling of a device before it is placed on the market under his own name, regardless of whether these operations are carried out by that person himself or on his behalf by a third party.
MRM Monthly Review Meeting
NAAT Nucleic Acid Amplification Technology
NAT Nucleic Acid Technology
NMI National Measurement Institute
NO Neutral Office
NON-CONFORMITY Non-fulfilment of a requirement.
NSO National Standards Organisation
PC Programme Coordinator
PHF Programme History File
PIP Programme Initiation Proposal
PROCEDURE Describes the way to perform an activity or process.
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